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How to Retain Top Employees With 'Stay' Interviews
Nearly every company conducts job interviews, and many also hold exit interviews when an employee leaves. But how many conduct "stay" interviews? In an era in which companies are aggressively going after talented performers—especially those with technology skills—it's surprising that more organizations don't consider this type of interview as a retention tool.
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Study Shows Dramatic Growth In Use of Incentives for Employees and Customers
A new study confirms that the non-cash incentives market is thriving with 74 percent of U.S. businesses spending $76.9 billion annually on incentive travel, merchandise and gift cards. The study found that overall, U.S. businesses spend $22.6 billion annually on incentive travel and over $53 billion on merchandise and gift cards to reward employees, partners and customers. The study also revealed:

  • 98 percent of businesses running non-cash incentive programs include merchandise or gift cards, spending $54.3 billion each year.
  • 46 percent of businesses running non-cash programs include incentive travel, spending $22.6 billion per year.
  • Non-cash employee awards are the most prevalent, with 56 percent of U.S. businesses having programs, followed closely by corporate gift programs.
  • Gift cards are more frequently used for employee programs (88 percent) than for corporate gifts (55 percent), while merchandise is used relatively evenly.
  • The incidence of all program types tends to increase with firm size.
  • Report Reveals 80% of Employees Plan to Stay with Current Employer in the Next Year
    According to Deloitte’s new global talent survey, Talent 2020, four out of five (80 percent) employees plan to stay with their organizations over the next year, a significant increase from 2011 when nearly 65 percent were planning to leave. Forty-six percent of the survey respondents indicate they are less inclined to move because, in the last 12 months, they have changed jobs (9 percent), were promoted (22 percent), or have taken new positions (15 percent) with their current employers. Surprisingly, however, nearly one-third (31 percent) say they are not satisfied with their jobs. The survey identified three emerging trends:

    Engage employees with meaningful work or watch them walk out the door. Employees value meaningful work over other retention initiatives. A majority (42 percent) of respondents who have been seeking new employment believe their job does not make good use of their skills and abilities.

    Focus on “turnover red zones.” Employee segments at high risk of departure, or “turnover red zones,” are employees with less than two years on the job and Millennial employees (those aged 31 and younger).

    When it comes to retention, leadership matters. More than six in ten employees (62 percent) who plan to stay with their current employers report high levels of trust in corporate leadership.

    Who is leaving and how do companies hold onto key employees? Interestingly, the incentives to get employees to stay are not exactly the same as the factors that would cause them to leave.

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